STEAK AND SHRIMP FAJITAS (using leftover steak!)

Steak and shrimp fajitas can be made two ways: 1. throw shrimp on in last couple minutes while cooking this easy Steak Fajitas recipe. 2. sautee shrimp to add to steak fajitas. Adding quick shrimp to leftovers is a quick way to mix up dinner for one!

Leftover steak from Flat Iron Steak Fajitas recipe Shrimp Lime juice Salt Tortillas Salsa Cheddar cheese Guacamole Cilantro


Reheat steak fajitas ingredients. Add shrimp to hot saucepan, top with lime juice and salt. Cover with lid and steam for 3 minutes.


Turn shrimp and just cook until both sides are pink.


Serve with remaining vegetables and sides from steak fajitas.


Enjoy immediately with or without additional toppings, lime wedges.

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